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Life in the Left Lane by Emy Thomas

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Life in the Left Lane is a short and lively nonfiction book about what its really like for expatriates to live in a tropical island paradise.

Written by a journalist who has lived in the islands for more than thirty-five years, it is an honest, affectionate and humorous report on all aspects of the adventure, from adjusting to island time to making a living, building a dream house and coping with hurricanes.

Her vivid descriptions of carnival, the Creole language, gardening and island food, and her insightful observations about minority status, politics, religion and crime, are enlightening reading for anyone curious about life in the Caribbean.

The author writes about the islands in general, but specifically her island of St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands, where driving in the left lane in cars designed to drive on the right is but one of the idiosyncrasies of quirky island style.