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The Slave Ship Fredensborg by Leif Svalesen

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"The Slave Ship, Fredensborg presents the richly illustrated story of a typical slave ship and its last voyage on the triangular trade between Denmark–Norway, the Gold Coast in Africa, and the Caribbean islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix.

The wreck of the Fredensborg was discovered off the coast of Norway in 1974, more than 200 years after it sank.

By examining the wreckage and surviving written sources (including the captain’s log, which was recovered from the sea), Leif Svalesen, diver and author, has reconstructed the Fredensborg’s journey in fascinating detail.

He recreates, day-by-day, what life was like for captain, crew, and the newly enslaved.

Svalesen documents the ship’s provisioning—from the number of nails to kegs of water and wine—the litany of illness, the number and type of armaments, the treatment of the slaves, the intricacies of trade, and the goods carried on the return voyage to Denmark.

The triangular trade is made specific and personal through records and artifacts salvaged from the Fredensborg, the most meticulously documented slave vessel yet discovered.

The book includes an account of Svalesen’s discovery of the wreck of the Slave Ship, Fredensborg which led to his desire to learn the full story and to retrace its final voyage.