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Transfer Day: A Novel by Sophie Schiller

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During the Great War in 1916, Abigail Maduro's parents are killed in a train accident along the Panama Canal.

Orphaned and alone, she is sent to St. Thomas, an island in the Danish West Indies, to live with a bad-tempered aunt and her household of eccentric servants.

Despite the island's veneer of tranquility, St. Thomas is a hotbed of German spies and saboteurs who use their Hamburg-America Line steamers to aid the Kaiser's war effort.

When a mysterious stranger appears in town, Abigail is drawn into the conflict.

In the scholarly Erich Seibold, she finds the friendship she has been craving, even after she learns that Erich is a deserter from a German U-boat.

Their idyllic interlude comes to a crashing halt when the island's German consul discovers Erich's identity and blackmails him into committing sabotage and murder. After a melee involving the Danish governor, Erich is thrown into prison and Abigail must choose between her safety and Erich's life.

Action and adventure abound in this colorful historical novel that brings to life a fading West Indian sugar colony in the last days of Danish rule.

"Schiller deftly blends fact and fiction in a page-turner with emotional resonance." (Publishers Weekly)

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