Yellow Cedar Notebook
Yellow Cedar Notebook
Yellow Cedar Notebook
Yellow Cedar Notebook

Yellow Cedar Notebook

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Looking for a unique journal?

This one honors the floral history of the Virgin Islands!

It's perfect for research notes, journaling, or as a travel diary and would make a great gift or keepsake!


The Yellow Cedar is the National flower of the US Virgin Islands.

It's sometimes called Ginger Thomas, but its official name is Tecoma Stans.

Growing up, we called this shrub the Yellow Trumpetbush because of the shape of the flowers which hung in beautiful clusters.

They are a true sun worshiper because of their tolerance to the intense rays of the sun. ☀️

As kids, we used to play with the buds popping them on our foreheads for fun.

Help keep the Virgin Islands' vibrant history alive!

Order one today to brighten your day!


🌼 Front cover print of Yellow Cedar flowers
🌼 120 page, ruled-line, single pages
🌼 Black back cover with pocket
🌼 ©

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